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I spent last night organizing the living room while sipping on hot chocolate. This is the extra room, which I am currently using as overflow storage. Who needs to crop this bullshit?
Not me!

Did I mention that Touy gave me his couch? He did. I didn't want to pay for it though so I told him that I would take care of it and whenever he wants it back he just needs to ask. Incidentally, Touy doesn't have room for the couch because he's spending this year visiting Laos once every three months. He's talked about actually moving there, and he keeps trying to convince me to go visit the country with him. I told him "Next year." because I've got too many other prior obligations in 2011. (This sentence is evidence that I am already done with 2010. Fuck 2010, seriously! I hate that year.)

I've got my major bookcases up in the living room as well, which took some time to move around and get into the right spots. I didn't know it would end up looking like this until I finally moved them and thought "Good enough."

I'm still trying to decide what pictures to put up where, but I guess that's not an essential thing to do while moving in. So this is what the living room looks like from the kitchen - pre-decorations.

And then I started putting away my DVDs and gaming books, this is what it currently looks like.

I even have a place for my DVDs of shame - these are the titles I still have not sat down and watched!

Or there are multiple DVDs and I haven't watched all of them yet.

In any case, a keen-eyed observer would notice the black gaming book on the upper shelf, The Tome of Mighty Magic! Of course I doubt anybody on my friends list would recognize this book, even if you could see the whole cover in the picture. This is an old school RPG book that was published in 1982, and I used to use it as inspiration when I was GMing 2nd edition AD&D, and I recently cracked it back out to use as inspiration for my upcoming fantasy game.

Anyway. I'm completely moved in and so the next few days and weeks will be me getting accustomed to my new place and putting up pictures and lights and junk. I've got one particular project that I hope to have finished by New Year's Day, so I'll post some more pictures once it's done.
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