Expensive Shoes (nerdwerds) wrote,
Expensive Shoes

The Jabberwock guards my clothes!

And here are (seven) more (big) pictures of my new apartment!

I kind of like this picture of the Jabberwock better - his shadow makes him seem more ominous, even if he is stuffed.

My computer is all set up - notice both a lack of an internet cable but a surplus of Necronomicon on my milk crate full of computer discs and cords.

And I've got some reading material for my bedside.

I don't have a Christmas tree, I have a wizard.

I have taken over all of my (essential) gaming books.

And while carrying these I marvel at how well these boxes have held up. Most of these cardboard boxes I've had for 10 years!

And lastly, my apartment has two bedrooms. One of them, I'm completely not using. I will eventually look for a roommate, but right now I am going to enjoy the solitude.

And since I do not have internet at my new place so that means I'm posting this from my mom's house. I'm about to head home right now and start unpacking and sorting all of the stuff I took over today, and after I took these pictures. Which means more pictures will be forthcoming!
Tags: life, photo
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