Expensive Shoes (nerdwerds) wrote,
Expensive Shoes

What Saturday was like for me

1am - a taxi drops off a guest in the lobby, the guest is so drunk he can't find the elevator in the lobby and passes out on a couch, he apparently threw up in the taxicab and then spit in the driver's face, the driver called the police but by the time the cops arrived one of the guest's friends had gotten him to his room and we didn't know where that was

2am - I start getting noise complaints about a group of drunks swimming off of our pier, people are swimming and singing and being loudly and obnoxiously drunk, the housekeepers tell people to come inside and start locking the doors, the drunks go back outside unlocking the doors as they go and continue to swim and be loud

3am - a black guest has fallen asleep on one of the couches and two white guests (who are part of the loud drunks outside) decide to play security cop and hover around him making noise and being obnoxious, one of the white guests offers to "kick that nigger's ass" if I need help rousting him from the couch, I try to explain to this drunk douchebag that he's a guest of the hotel and I'm not going to kick him out of the lobby until 3:30, the racist thinks this is a radical concept and I explain that there are a lot of drunk people at this time of night and I point at him as I say that, I explain that 3:30 is my cutoff for being nice, he offers to "kick that nigger's ass" again and mutters something about him not belonging here, I ignore him and finish my work

3:30am - I rouse the black guest in the lobby mainly because I'm worried these two drunk white racist douchebags are going to start some shit and while I am waking him douchebag alpha comes u behind me and yells "Time to get up! Get out of the hotel!" I turn on him and say "Sir, I don't need your help. You are a liability to the hotel. Go sit down and finish your pizza." he sits down and I escort the black guest to his room

3:45am - I'm still getting noise complaints from outside at this time and my assistant has gone home, I cant find the housekeepers and I have drunk people in the hall on the 7th floor, I decide to call the police and ask for assistance, they send one officer who goes down to the pier and tells people to come inside, the housekeepers are actually still at the hotel and one of the housekeepers spends most of his time escorting the officer around and probably talking his ear off about things that are not important

4:20am - I'm still getting noise complaints on the 7th floor so I go down to tell them to be quiet, its the same group who was on the pier and they're in their room at the end of the hall with the door propped open - the door was answered by a guy wearing nothing but Speedo swim trunks, the same man was also in the middle of telling his friend how he saved him from being arrested at 1am and now he tells me they'll be quiet and closes the door to his room, they continue partying

4:40am - I get ANOTHER noise complaint, the same room has now called me three times within one hour, and I call the police again, when the police arrive they go down to issue tickets and don't return until 5:15, this time they have the guy who spit on the taxi driver and they hold him in the lobby until the driver shows up to ID him, the noise complaints stop

Both when the officers showed up at 4:45am and when they left after that final visit they chastised me for calling them over an issue as mundane as noise complaints. The last thing I said to them was "I'm sorry you feel like I'm wasting your time, but I've been working here for five years and this is only the third time I've ever called the police. I know how to deal with noise complaints, I don't have the ability to deal with drunks who deserve to be arrested and fined for being a public nuisance. That's the only reason I would ever resort to calling you guys. And I think it really says something about how obnoxious these people are since you've been called to the hotel three times tonight to deal with the same group of people."
They agreed that the drunks were unusually obnoxious, and then they left.

Seriously, fuck the police.
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