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Yesterday I took my car in to get a tune up. I'm worried my car won't make the trip to Toronto and back, so I just wanted to get everything checked out and prioritize what needs to get fixed on it. The estimate comes back and it's $1300 to fix everything: replace the spark plugs, replace the serpentine belt, replace the air conditioner, refill the freon, clean out the fuel injection system, replace an inner tie rod, replace the rear sway bars, replace some more shit, pay for labor, blah blah blah.

Anyway, $1300 is a lot of money I don't have. So I explained to the mechanic that I was driving up to Toronto in three weeks and asked him what he would fix if he was on a budget? Immediately he said "if the tie rod stops working it's probably the only thing that's likely to stop your trip." I looked at the prices for everything, and I made a very confident assessment that I could bring the car back for a day and have him fix the tie rod, the air conditioner and the serpentine belt. Total $408 - but it could go up another $100 if they find a coolant leak in the air conditioner. I have JUST that much in the bank so I said "I'll bring the car back next Friday - when I get paid - that way I don't have to feel poor for a week and a half."

All good, right?


Today my driver's side door wouldn't open. I'm pulling on it from the outside and it looks like the plastic casing on the inside of the door is completely loose, and it's catching on the rubber insulation of the door frame. The same thing happened to the passenger side door, but I never got it fixed. So I wedge the door open as best I can and try to wiggle the plastic to get it to slide past the rubber and the plastic pops off the door. Now it won't close properly, and when I do try to close it the plastic catches on the rubber again and it won't open.

I called my auto body shop and asked them how expensive such a thing might cost and they said "Up to about $500" ... So, fucking great! I can get my car fixed or I can get my door fixed. Either way I'll have to wait for my next paycheck AND be poor for three and a half weeks anyway.

I'm taking the car into the auto body shop tomorrow morning after work, and hopefully their estimate will be a lot lower than $500. I'm praying it won't cost more than $300. But really, this is just the fucking way of my luck. I let problems go until the last minute and then when I have the money to take care of something, like debt or my car or some other fucking expense, than a new problem arises and forces me to spend my money elsewhere. I just fucking hate it.
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