Expensive Shoes (nerdwerds) wrote,
Expensive Shoes

OSR rough draft

I have been wanting to write my own set of rules for some time. I created a homebrew amalgamation of GURPS and d20 three years ago, which worked conceptually but was difficult to use in play since I was the only one with a copy of the rules. My recent tweaking of Traits and Perks from Fallout into Stars Without Number rules has left me thinking about that game I ran three years ago, and how I could improve upon it. The old school renaissance that led me to Labyrinth Lord, Adventure Conqueror King, and Stars Without Number has also inspired me to use every era of gaming as my idea box - before I had limited myself to making a new set of rules that could easily be called a d20 variant.

Yesterday I started work on a new set of rules that I am going to eventually try publishing. I don't think it would make money, but I think it would be really cool if the members of my gaming group could use an actual physical copy of my rules.
Tags: rpgs, rules
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