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The end is here!

This is a recap of two sessions of playing.

Vince is playing Sister Mary / Mirumoto Hitomi
Colin is playing Priscilla White
Jake is playing Hehaka
Joe is playing Farsnworth

In the world of Deadlands, the heroes had followed the cult that had plagued Never Smiles' tribe into the west, and discovered a plot to create a deadland around Devil's Tower. Having two weeks to prepare, Professor Farnsworth built an ornithopter that would allow them to approach Devil's Tower from above, a direction the forces at the Tower had no defenses for. As his new invention brought them in to land on the top of Devil's Tower, they noticed that Sister Mary Elizabeth was no longer among them and she had been replaced by Mirumoto Hitomi.

Before they could discern an adequate explanation for Sister Mary's disappearance the group was surrounded by human-sized bats. They cut through the swarm of giant flying rodents with relative ease, and began to search for a way down into the hollowed out Tower. Without decent light, Farnsworth lit his flamethrower and kept a steady flame going in order to see the way down. The slick tunnels were perilous and several of them slipped, but Hehaka lost his footing at the lip of a long descending tube and slid all the way down into a small chamber being guarded by two men dressed in work clothes emblazoned with the Iron Dragon logo.

Taking them by surprise, Hehaka ran forward and chopping into one of the guards four times, crippling him. Farnsworth had jumped down the tunnel after Hehaka and appeared in time to light the crippled guard on fire. The other guard cried out in fear and began begging for his life. As the rest of the group made their way out of the tunnels, the surviving guard explained how to avoid some of the traps and pitfalls leading down to the furnace.

The group prepared to sneak through one of the shortcut passageways, and they found that the walls pulsated and the air moved back and forth through the tunnels, it left them with the impression that the passageway was actually a bronchial tube of lungs. It was so discomforting to Professor Farnsworth and Hehaka that a streak of white hair spread across the Professor's scalp and Hehaka's skin tightened revealing vericose veins.

They arrived in the chamber where a great furnace warmed the room. A dais with a blue and white field of energy looked to be powered by a black crystal on a nearby pedestal. A former friend was in the room, Jonny Lu, and he looked to be severely wounded. He was conversing with a doctor about an intruder inside their base, but before he could be overheard to describe very much of this intruder Hitomi strode into the room and attacked. Some of the group could see an undead gunman hiding in he corner of the room, and this zombie-like gunslinger walked forward and began firing two pistols at them.

Farnsworth took steps to destroy the furnace and directed his friends to destroy the black crystal before using his memories to use Milo's teleport spell and go back to the Ornithoptor, only to find it surrounded by more devil bats. Hitomi called upon her memory of Ace's powers to fly the undead gunman through the portal, and Hehaka quickly destroyed the crystal.

As the world collapsed around the crystal, the doctor at the dais could be heard to say "I only thought I was helping."

FLUX! into Birthright

After the return to her lair, Rasha the dragon finishes addressing her lizardman army and in that moment their memories return.

Vince is playing Arlen / Mirumoto Hitomi
Colin is playing Iego Hapex
Jake is playing Rafeal
Joe is playing Milo

Rasha becomes the shaman Never Smiles, and doesn't change back. The group quickly assess if she can use her dragon abilities and magic, and Never Smiles flies around the chamber elating "I can fly!" Never Smiles then suggests traveling to the Gorgon's Crown and enlisting the Gorgon's help, since his fortress rests on top of one of the Cold Rider's seals, and presumably the Gorgon doesn't want Cerilia destroyed either.

They determine that Hapex can use Speedman's powers to run into the Gorgon's Crown with Milo and then use Milo's magic to teleport there. As soon as Hapex arrives he is ambushed by goblins and his body is pelted with arrows. Hapex dies suddenly, and as his body falls his superhero alter ego Speedman is still standing where he once was. Milo teleports back to the dragon's cave while Speedman successfully knocks out all of the goblins and Milo brings the rest of the party to Gorgon's Crown. Milo buries one of the amulets of protection where Hapex fell and then they begin their trek into the valley before the Gorgon's castle.

The Gorgon is there to meet them at the gates and doesn't seem to understand their explanations of the other universes and the destroyed worlds. Rafeal tries to give the Gorgon memory but the Gorgon uses magic to clutch Rafeal by the throat. The Gorgon offers to help, and then asks Rafeal "Are you willing to die to save the world?" Rafeal's answer displeases the Gorgon and he slices his wrist open, forcing Rafeal to drink some of his blood.

Rafeal's bloodline increases and becomes tainted, as his body painfully convulses and he begins to transform into something altogether inhuman. The Gorgon then replenishes his strength by impaling Arlen with his sword. Arlen's body falls out of where Hitomi is standing and a wave of cold emanates from the Gorgon as he bellows "Fools! He has already succumbed to my powers!"

Milo uses his magic to teleport the party away, but something keeps Rafeal tethered to the Gorgon. The mountain behind the Gorgon's castle erupts into a volcano and he leads Rafeal into his dungeons. The Gorgon's back is seen to be hollow and indistinct, and as he guides Rafeal into a mechanical labyrinth says "The physical representation of machinery is actually a metaphor, since you never finished making the world the bits that are unfinished are filled in with this machine, normally nobody could see it but I have always been a part of it since I have never fully been made, Rafeal" When pressed about what his statement means he simply says "This is YOUR world Rafeal!"

FLUX! into Traveller

Having trekked up the mountain with the droyne shaman, Lara's crew are attacked by a giant four-armed gorilla. It knocks Nicholai down and Eshru falls to the ground clutching his head, it charges toward Lara with a bloodlust in it's eyes but Lars jumps on the beast and wrestles it as best he can. The beast tries to bite through Lars'es power armor and Lars uses the moment to shove a grenade into the beast's throat then punches himself free just as the creature's torso explodes. With the explosion everybody notices that the droyne hasbecome Never Smiles, and...

Vince is playing Captain Lara / Mirumoto Hitomi
Colin is playing Nicholai Blackman / Speedman
Jake is playing Eshru / Rafeal
Joe is playing Lars Willis

Rafeal reiterates what happened at the Gorgon's Crown and mistranslates the Gorgon's words as "we" not "I"

They decide to finish their trek up the side of the mountain. The dark and lurid green forest persists along the mountainside, but eventually the ash and cinders have washed away and exposed the sheer rock face. A narrow steep trail leads part way up and at the end a cavern exists. Hearing the howls and grunts of apes in the distance, they double their ace to the cave entrance.

Never Smiles uses his clairvoyant abilities to survey the cavern and sees ten guards protecting the tunnel into the chamber. Speedman runs in and knocks them out quickly. They find a cage with starving droyne being held prisoner and free them, then Hitomi leads them deeper into the skeleton-strewn cavern.

They find another bluish gate, like the one on the planet Rhise, only this time a woman lies between the arch, her face is still recognizable but her body is stretched across the dais and bulbs of flesh and skin strung from her body wrap around the arches of the gate. Underneath her translucent yellowish skin dark sinuous shapes can be seen, as if her body is filled with black snakes. She babbles constantly, a low gutteral sing-song. A dark-skinned Vilani woman can be seen addressing more guards, none of them notice the party, and Eshru kills M'weru with a powerful psychic assault.

Hitomi charges forward and slices her blades into the babbling woman at the ate and the black snakes spill out of her body unmaking the world as they writhe across the floor. Everything splinters apart except for Lars and he sees a woman walking towards him in the distance of the darkness. As she gets closer he can see her clearly and she is the woman from Rhise. She says "You already released me into this world, but I couldn't erase the other worlds until I had been released in them as well." Lars tries to shoot her but his bullets pass through her body as if she weren't there. She says "You haven't figured it out yet, we're the gods Lars. We are in charge." He asks her if the world has been destroyed and she winks "Our time is almost up." So Lars punches her.

FLUX! into Marvel

The crystal is almost finished! Only one piece remains, and the heroes are retrieving it from the Palace of Lord British, which floats on a cloud above the United Kingdom. As the ornithoptor approaches the Palace it is bombarded with dazzling light bombs which blind everybody. Mister Magnum manages to land the ornithoptor and everybody disembarks. Once in the cloud palace courtyard they see themselves for who they really are...

Vince is playing Ace / Mirumoto Hitomi
Colin is playing Speedman
Jake is playing Cannon Man / Rafeal
Joe is playing Cool Man / Lars Willis

Immediately, Lars takes the crystal and uses Milo's teleport to go to Australia, where he is quickl knocked unconscious by the Grey Gargoyle.

Lord British steps out of his Palace and says "The first time we met you mistook me for a villain invading America, just because I was travelling with Fireman Fritz; now it is you who are the villains, trying to release Doctor Morbius from his prison. We locked him away for the good of all heroes, and you would risk letting him free, why?" Speedman says "We've made a terrible mistake!"

To the heroes Lord British looks like an alter ego of many characters they've interacted with before. Caine and the Gorgon, from Birthright. Speedman's occasional sidekick Ricochet, and Ace's contact in the Central City PD. The chief of Never Smiles' tribe, and a member of Agency from Philadelphia who once attempted to seduce Sister Mary Elizabeth, from Deadlands. And finally Emperor Hantei, from L5R.

Lord British holds up the last piece of the crystal and says "Here! Take it, but I will not be responsible for the consequences." The Grey Gargoyle uses his own teleportation ability to arrive at Lord British'es floating palace and Speedman ends up with all of the pieces of the crystal. Some debate about what should be done with the crystal ensues, and Speedman decides to leave for Australia, using the Grey Gargoyle's still-open gate to escape.

As Speedman escaped with part of the cystal, an alien named Centrum Tau from the planet of Xuvej landed in Lord British'es courtyard and asked for assistance retrieving the cosmic cube that protects his people from the Dreadnoughts. Speedman's attempt to divide the crystal had reduced his allies' memories of the other worlds to nothing, and so they agreed to help Centrum Tau and boarded his rocketship.

Resting in front of a cafe in Sydney, Speedman could hear the familiar voice of Bort singing a jingoistic pop ballad at an open mic in a cafe. He began to quiz Bort about what it was they were supposed to do, but Bort kept calling Speedman an idiot. Eventually he said, "Okay pal, I'm gonna tell you a secret. You've already lost. You're dying on the floor of a temple, and there is absolutely no way I can help you. I can't even tell you who your real enemy is, because if I say his name he'll show up. But really, your only option is to try and remember who you really are because this Speedman fella is just a fiction you've created."

Speedman began to believe that the true world was being concealed by these other worlds, and that by destroying the worlds they were actually winning. He used his memory to focus on the crystal and try to bring back his memories of the "true" world, and was able to restore his friends' memories as well. He put the crystal back together and Doctor Morbius stepped forward from the crystal, he could be seen in all of his guises and forms, and says "Yes! I did it, I finally did it!" as his body melts away and the world shifted and melted and fractured like it has done every time before. All of the heroes were pulled into a maelstorm of living nothingness, all around them power such as none have ever known, churning, blinding, deafening, power without limit. It drew them down deeper into it's swirling, seething center towards the very heart of the monstrous void, where they could all see Dr. Morbius again along with their 'true' selves, and underneath their different guises they were but children.

Bort hovered above them in a celestial playground, as if he were seated on a stool, playing his guitar, and singing a song about how playtime for the young gods was now over. But what would they play tomorrow?

And then the world- FLUX!
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